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Name 姓名 : 2763号 Amy

Age 年龄 : 27 Years Old

Height 身高 : 168cm

Boobs 胸围 : 34A

Room 包房


Apartment 公寓



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2019-02-16 10:24还会在约 Says:
服务很好,很少遇到这样好的,赞赞赞。 还会在约
2019-02-13 18:46骑士精神 Says:


飞机: 8
会场:8. 干净,安静,很有隐私。和她独处,提升了女友感质。

2019-02-12 07:36麦当劳叔叔 Says:
If Amy is a character in a novel, she would be 神仙姐姐 in 绝代双骄。 She\'s classy, demure and tall. Anyway, I have never seen a fairy with big boobs; those normally go straight to hell fire the naughty things they do. Just kidding. I suspect she might used to be a model and got conned into this business by her agent #toomuchPorn.

Anyway, she moved again. The old venue and that I like so much lacked security and was a share rental. At the new venue, is just me and her.

Looks: 9 (Classy tall model with pharmacist uniform)
Figure 8.5 (I realised that the meat all went to her ass)
Massage: 7.5 (She got the skills, but not the strength)
HJ: 9 (fantabulous)
FJ: Highly depends on chemistry (she did admit she\\\'s not the sex kitten type, and her preference is no FJ. Probably a 2 punch girl ba)
RTM: YES! 2nd time in a week
2019-02-10 13:12KKJ Says:
Thanks bro macD for the compo review.

My engrish not good so straight to the rating.

Height: 1.75? Very tall and leggy
Boobs Acup, sensitive nipples
HJ: 8 (2 times, you need to tell her upfront, or else might not have enough time)

Really nice and discreet place, but not near mrt.
2019-02-10 08:27麦当劳叔叔 Says:
Forgotten to add to my previous post.
2019-02-10 02:06麦当劳叔叔 Says:
Had a late night session with Amy in her new nest at hougang. I had been to quite a number of venues; and I must say Amy\'s new best is truly my first. Had always wondered how such venue would looked like and tonight my curiosity had been satisfied. But enough about the venue, else I sound like an real estate agent.

Nuggets About Amy. The photos are truly her, thank God. Amy\'s personality is as real as it gets. I reckon she would lose in the game of bluff . Which is a good thing to me. She is a fine lanky lass, like a true blue OL fantasy.

Her Ratings
Looks: 9 (If you are into tall OL)
,She\'s the one)
Figure 7 (3 marks deducted for an A-cup. Perfect otherwise)
Massage: 7 (She got the skills, but not the strength)
HJ: 9 (I am a one punch man, so didn\'t go for the unlimited HJ)
FJ: Highly depends on chemistry (she did admit she\'s not the sex kitten type, and her preference is no FJ. Probably a 2 punch girl ba)
Nest: 11/10 I love her nest! Very clean and tidy, toilets are proper and can almost match the real spa places. towels are clean with a sun dried smell. This is so friggin important.

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