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颜值系 性感火辣 特色胸推 强烈推荐!

Name 姓名 : 2690号 Xiao Xiao 小小

Age 年龄 : 21 Years Old

Height 身高 : 160cm

Boobs 胸围 : 34C

Room & CD Included 包房包套


Hotel work 酒店开工

$160/1Shot 1次/60mins


联系时请说从天上人间看来的! Please say see







2019-02-14 04:51大玩家(青铜会员) Says:
2019-02-14 14:15大卫 Says:

I have a date today. I arrived at the hotel on time. The sight of a small light. Very cute and pretty girl. I look more beautiful than the picture. The flirtation that helped me shower started in the bathroom. Her breasts are beautiful and full. I can\'t put it down. The tongue is very flexible. I\'m going to die soon. She was wet before she had even started. Make love is more comfortable. Good fit. Very tight. Full of girlfriend feeling. Water is super abundant.   100% satisfaction

2019-02-10 22:30nmb Says:
2019-02-09 11:58工人 Says:
年轻。人很好。真人比照片好看。爱爱很舒服,水很多。100% RTF。
2019-02-08 13:16四哥 Says:
很热情的小姐姐,口活儿特别好,很容易进入状态,水很多。 会再回来。
2019-01-29 22:52颖哥 Says:
Good looking girl with perfect boobs! GFE 100%
2019-01-20 14:34Handsome Says:
she is very beautiful n sexy.
100% satisfy。Must be back .
Bro go to and better with her.
This is my first time to feedback and last time.

2019-01-20 00:38Wxyz Says:
Just visit xiaoxiao she is pretty n has a gd attitude .She is chatty also
She provide gd service n also great Gfe.Pussy tide n get wet easily.Highly recommend to bros.Will return n return to support xiaoxiao
2019-01-19 22:12Zee Jay Says:
今天约了宝宝。人如其名。。 一个漂亮的宝宝 。 SYT。
样貌: 9/10 (年轻,可爱)
身材: 9/10
女友感: 9.9/10 ( 尤其啪啪的时候)
回头: 一定( 已经约了下次的日期与时间)
2019-01-19 00:54开心就好 Says:
今天约了小不点,她人从头倒下全部是真的! 妹妹非常年轻非常值得去找哦。帮我洗澡还有意外的服务呢。非常努力的去配合我要求呢! 值得回头的小妹妹
2019-01-15 18:13Kk Says:
This girl Hard work. Good service. Looks nice.can try
2019-01-15 14:07蛋丹 Says:
I had a wonderful session with 宝宝last night。She is really chio in person,very sweet,bubbly. As she is new to this trade,she is quite senstive when she is touch. And also tight pussy too. She is really worth the time and money spent!Super high GFE, will certainly return again to find her!
2019-01-13 21:46后裔 Says:
后裔(普通会员) Says:
妙条的身份,脱光光跟我洗澡的时候,已经就硬起来,在床上就值接干起来,爽死了 ,还会在找她
2019-01-12 02:48唐国强 Says:
今天有找妹妹 特意要了她护照看了一下 是本人 确实是97年的小妹妹

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