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服务系 38D巨乳 特色胸推 一字马 欢迎体验!

Name 姓名 : 2679号 Yun Wu 云舞

Age 年龄 : 27 Years Old

Height 身高 : 161cm

Boobs 胸围 : 38D

Room & CD Included 包房包套

WEST (西部)

Ploneer 先驱

$100/1Shot 1次/60mins


联系时请说从天上人间看来的! Please say see







2019-02-18 20:38小哥 Says:
Just visited her, actual person is more beautiful than her photo,. She is beautiful, very warm, Her abalone is very juicy, massage is very good and comfortable, worth for money, will come back again, I hope you will support her
2019-02-12 17:29范范的饭(青铜会员) Says:
2019-02-08 18:49弟弟 Says:
Visited her for the first time. Tried her 帝王服务. It was an amazing experience. She is very service-oriented and quite easy to talk to. The price is a bit steep but she does everything as advertised and she really gives you the full duration.

She looks like her photos, except perhaps not as fair. GFE is quite high so for bros who look for that, you can give her a try. Breasts are soft and natural, real Ds. Not for bros who go for SYTs or leggy, slim girls though. She isn\\\'t fat; bros who like girls with a bit more body to hold and hug will know what I mean.

Overall, you should really consider visiting her for her service. It\\\'s really quite an experience to rmb.
2019-02-08 11:52DO Says:
Very nice and good gfe lady.
Treat you like a king.
Boobs:9 (killer)
Cat bath:9
Bbbj : 8
Fj : 9
After shot, still continue to massage you.
Great service. Worth the money
RTF : yes
2019-01-31 20:29二少 Says:
2019-01-30 00:54销售员 Says:
Very pretty & cute girl. Big boobs. Completes all the service stated above.
2019-01-26 02:00向日葵 Says:
2019-01-21 15:14Shooter Says:
Girl from Shanghai service gao gao. Thanks Dance.will rtf.
2019-01-11 20:33广东人 Says:
真的是: 说到做到。

I have never gotten such a full service before.
if you want service. this is it.
if you want young skinny and cute girl.
look somewhere else..
2019-01-11 20:26广东人 Says:
服务简直是: 一流。一定会在回来。


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