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按摩系 专业按摩 +打飞机 100两次  日语ok1
按摩系 专业按摩 +打飞机 100两次 日语ok

Name 姓名 : 1838号 Honey

Age 年龄 : 20 Years Old

Height 身高 : 163cm

Boobs 胸围 : 36C

Room 包房


HarbouFront 港湾

$100/60 mins/Massage+2HJ

$130/60 mins/Massage+CIM



联系时请说从天上人间看来的! Please say see


Chest push★性感胸推 / Grasp root★抓根 / Back Kneeling★跪背 / Back Stepping★踩背 / Head,Neck & Shoulder Massage★头,颈,肩部按摩 / Prostrate Maintenance★前列腺保健 / Massage: Authentic / Oil★正宗指压/油推按摩 / 99 HDLY★99 式海底捞月 / Chinese massage★中医按摩 / Lymphatic Detoxification★淋巴排毒 / Sexy Body Massage★性感调情按摩 / GuaSha★刮痧 / Cupping★拔火罐 / HJ★打飞机 /




2018-11-25 13:42Tan Chang Says:
2018-10-09 17:53Roy Says:
Visited heron 071018. She is very pretty and her asset is super good.c
just cant resist her. Im not a chinese but she can speak her little english and was very chatty.. let me lick her for very long till she cummed very hard. Worth my time and money. Visiting her soon. Super Gfe. Not a time watcher. Bros support her to the maxxx
2018-10-05 16:39PKK Says:
Visited her yesterday afternoon, indeed very good service!
Location is nice, clean and cosy!
Massage : 9/10 ( authentic and good skill )
Looks : 9/10 ( cute and sweet young face)
Bbbj : 10/10 ( hot and cold water blow, very great suction! Super comfortable and shiok!!!)
FJ : 10/10 ( Really satisfy all your needs)
Attitude : 9.5/10 (can talk to her anything under the sun during the session/ Gfe feeling )
Overall Score: 9.5 /10
Will go back next week for RTM again !
2018-10-05 15:08假日本人 Says:
BJ:10/10 (很给力)
Look: 10/10
Body: 10/10
GF: 11/10
2018-09-21 04:48Jay Says:
Indeed very happy and satisfied with her services provided and want to share my FR with all Bros!
This cute and cool demeanor young girl looks much more prettier in real person than the photos. When I first saw her, she looked like those Japanese AV school girl , with sweet kawaii face and greeted me in a politely manner.

Her massage session was indeed very professional type followed by
her soft big boobs and sensuous , fair and smooth body to tease and seduce me! Lots of cuddling and caressing that kept my little Bro standing strong and hard! Then came a bbbj with a strong suction and her tongue licking was so good that I can\'t resist any longer. Soon we went into action as we both really enjoyed and she moaned softly with nice and sexy tone. Usually, I would take a longer time to cum but she was able to keep the rhythm going and slowly brought me to the highest peak and the point of no return! I unloaded all out onto her body and lied besides her. We chatted for awhile like lovers and the feeling with her was great! After shower, I left her place!

I will definitely return to visit her again soon.
2018-09-14 16:24往后余生 Says:
妹子真的好干!越干越湿!叫声浪的不要不要的!太有感觉了!兄弟们千万不要错过 一定要试试!要对妹子温柔一点会有意想不到的回报!过几天还去!
2018-09-13 19:20Harry Says:
Managed to visit this gem this afternoon. Her location was discreet, cosy and quiet. When I first met her, wow, her sexy fair body was really tempting to my eyes! Real person is really much more better than her photos! After shower, I saw her wearing a sexy black translucent dress waiting for me. Started with a simple massage and followed by her sensual touch on my body. Soon she stripped , undressed herself and a seductive body was just next to me that I couldn\'t resist! While she was roaming my body and caressing my private part , I squeeze her sexy soft boobs . I had a good feel on her body ,we cuddled each other like lovers, the feeling was great and soon she started to give me a wonderful BBBJ, thereafter we kicked start our mission. She was very accomdating with different positions and her sexy moaning was indeed loud. Soon with the doggie style, she made me surrendered and unloaded all out on her butt! .
-Massage 9/10
-Bbbj 9.5/10
-Overall experience 10/10
Highly recommend to all bros and do take care of her

2018-09-05 22:19Charlie Says:
Visited her this afternoon, superb services! Normally I do not write comments after visit but this young and sexy beatiful girl really worth to recommend ;

my ratings for her:

Looks - 9/10
Body- 9/10
Massage - 8.5/10
BBBJ - 10/10
Other service - 10/10 (top up)
GFE - 10/10

Really worth the value! Will definitely return for more!
2018-08-29 01:25邻家阿哥 Says:
2018-08-29 01:17邻家阿哥 Says:
2018-08-21 19:53小苹果的老公 Says:


Looks: 10/10
BJ: 10/10
Body: 10/10
FJ: 10/10
Kiss: 10/10
GF: 10/10

Met her tonight when she open the doors I saw such a pretty girl in front for me very excited!! She was a good person and attitude quite hard working also good chatty person too I will be book her again soon.
2018-08-20 21:09 Says:
2018-08-16 16:03Roy Says:
Great service! Real person prettier than the photos shown. Very sexy Breast with Pink colour tits. Her bbbj was damn shiok, really made you high! Great moans from her when we were into action. The feeling were so high that you could no longer resist! So far her service consider one of the best as compared to those I visited. . Worth money spent! Highly recommended to all Bros!
Yes, will rtf again till I have replenish enough $ !
2018-08-04 23:18超人 Says:
这小妹很非常可爱,人品很好,有礼貌,很健谈,她的按摩非常好,不赶时间,服务一流! 下星期还会找她!
2018-08-03 16:23Johnny Says:

Just had a session with this beautiful half- japanese gem! She has a sexy body, very smooth and fair skin. Nice personality, friendly and polite! Her boobs, body shape and nipples are tempting enough for my little bro to get harden fast! Her masssage skill is good, BbbJ skills is indeed very powerful until I couldn\'t take it anymore Really had a great time with her. I\'ll RTF for sure!
2018-08-01 15:53阿强 Says:
2018-07-30 15:49Roger Says:
This gem is great! Sweet and cute face! Figure is nice with big boobs, very fair and smooth skin.Massage is good and excellent service! Rtm soon!

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