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Name 姓名 : 1440号 sasa

Age 年龄 : 24 Years Old

Height 身高 : 160cm

Boobs 胸围 : 34C

Room 包房


boonkeng 文庆




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2019-02-10 21:55ccc Says:
2019-02-04 11:16Green Says:
Petite with nice tits. Pretty face. I booked a morning session so she didn\'t have time to put on her makeup, still quite pretty.

Service is a bit SOP, got CBJ, very light frenching. She\'s good in bed. Lots of dirty talk. She also prefers it hard. Gave a light massage after the session. Best part, no talk about tips until the end.

Overall a decent session. I would return.
2019-01-27 16:22last minute Says:
had a last minute session with sasa last night.
she is small and petite, nice tits for fondling.
fj was good, didn\'t get much frenching though.
2018-12-25 03:56Alan Says:
Amy 很可爱! 人美又态度又好! 手法了得!
2018-12-12 00:14傻傻的 Says:
Please refer to pictures.. I personally rate her 8.5/10. Cause I very like short hair... her short hair, her looks are like Korean / jap style..

About 1.60-1.63m, she’s short, and petite.. Big C cup, soft, nice nipples, kept sucking her tits for few times..

Frenching: 8.5/10
Shy frenching, slow, need time to warm her up.. Not those DFK, tongue fighting, but she’s responsive when frenching.. Things get passionate when she’s high.. Frenched a few rounds, finale HJ, frenched even passionate while grabbing her tits..

BBBJ: 9.5/10
The reason why 9.5 not because she can DT, she only reaches 50% of deepness. But the way she look at me during her blowjob, the slowness her tongue lick my dickhead.. her suction is damn strong, that u can even see the vaccum from her cheeks..

Too bad she can’t accept CIM, else I really cum in her mouth for sure.. I was on the sofa, relaxing and looking at her the whole time.. our eyes met, no shy, full of seductiveness from her.. she took it slowly, locking my balls into her mouth..

It’s been very long I found a lady who can blow so sexy and seductively.. the more I see the more she’s fucking sexy..

Painting / FJ: Yes, available
2018-10-08 15:12HW Says:
2018-08-13 23:47Slow1817 Says:
Amy 是很可爱,服务态度很好。
2018-08-13 19:52Joker Says:
Spotted this FL, cheap, Budget and most importantly good attitude.. Made a late night booking, pleasant appearance, showing me a cleavage.. So we started off TCSS, and massage.. But before we started, I was being cheeky and fondle her tits.. she reciprocated me by rubbing my dick and sticking her tongue out on my dick head.. just for awhile before I laid down for massage..

Checking out her strength with me, I don’t want oil on my back, so just fingers pressing.. Conversation was pretty fun..

Strength is relevantly good, but not the best of cause.. Would rate her massage about 8.5/10... Then she moves to erotic massage, which she claimed knows..

Her fingernails runs down by back to my balls, my thighs.. repeating the process, slightly erected already, then I heard some movements, think she’s stripping off, bingo I got it..

Hahahahaha she does a tits rub on my back, using her nipples to slide through my neck, back, then butt.. licking her way too.. Finally flip over. She performed the same trick..

Then she starts pouring oil to begin her HJ. Good techniques and skills, she knows her rubbing and handling.. I pulled her sideways and frenched again.. So shiok until I nearly can cum just like that, but I control myself just to enjoy more..

She surprised me now. She went down and licked my balls, sucked my balls.. I was amazed cause i thought only HJ..

Haha good suction, her twisting, flicking, and I asked her to alternate between my balls and dick.. very obedient and accommodating. About 75% DEEPTHROAT...

Then she used her two hands to enclose my dick saying it will feel like in a pussy.. can’t Tahan anymore longer.. and EXPLODED ALL IN HER HANDS
2018-08-08 21:08小新 Says:
I had her on last minute as my previous appointment was screwed to due mid communication yesterday.

Look: 8.5
She looks sweet even she without much makeup. She is a natural beauty.

Body: 8
small and petite with nice beautiful shaped boobs. Soft and nice. Cannot stop playing with them.

Massage: 7.5
She started with simple massage. Nice but not those professional type.

Catbath & bbbj: 8.5
Quite well done for me. She gave slow and strong suction with a bit of DT. She said mine was too big for her mouth. Lol

Just a few pecks.

Painting: 8
Sensitive to licking. She moaned damn loud when I painted her. Just a few minutes into painting, she wanted me to insert as she doesn\'t want to cum while painting. Love juice was already flowing when I inserted in. Felt the warm feeling inside her.

FJ: Did her in one position - missionary. She is quite tight and she responded very well to every thrust. The whole bed rocked like going to break. Lucky it remained intact after about 5 mins of hard pumping. I released all into her.

Overall was a very good session as I enjoyed talking to her during the massage and after FJ.

Service & Attitude: 9
Nothing to pick about, very accommodating and service orientated lady. Thumbs up!

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